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    Basic Resume Consultation

    45 minute Phone Consultation


    Professional Resume Review


    General Guidance on Resume Structure & Content


    Professional Resume Consultation

    60 minute Virtual Consultation


    Professional Resume Review


    Immediate Resume Critiques & Feedback


    Executive Resume Consultation

    1.5 hours Virtual Consultation


    Professionally Written Cover Letter


    Professionally Written Resume


    Professional Portfolio

  • How it works



    The first 10 minutes of your consultation I want to learn about the work that you currently do and find out more about your professional work history. This is an important element in properly writing and formatting your professional resume.


    Resume Feedback

    Based on our initial conversation about your professional work history, I will provide recommendations on enhancing your resume. Resume critiques will include ways to make your resume more dynamic and how to stand out from your competition! Basic and Professional resumes include 1 page of resume reviews and recommendations.


    Executive Resume Services

    For more seasoned professionals, I will meet with you to discuss your professional work history and understand your professional goals. I will develop a custom cover letter and professionally written resume. Finally, I will develop a professional portfolio that culminates your professional experience to date.This service includes three revisions.

  • professional consultation Appointments

    Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. Once a service is selected, please email paula@rogers-resumes.com with your preferred appointment time.

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    Basic and Professional Resume services include 1 page. Additional pages are $5 each. Executive Resume services include 2 pages. Additional pages are $10.