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    The first few minutes of your consultation I want to learn about the work that you currently do and find out more about your professional work history. This is an important element in properly writing and formatting your professional resume. This is also the time where we will discuss your professional career goals or aspirations.


    Resume or Career Consultation

    Depending on the service you request, your professional consultation may include very specific feedback about how to develop a strong resume, curriculum vitae, or cover letter.


    For interview preparation, we will focus on the development of strong, relevant content that is going to help you demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. You will leave with a confidence that you can carry into your interview to help you clearly articulate yourself and how you can bring value to an organization.


    Professional Career Consultation will look different for everyone but the goal is to identify opportunities for growth and on-going development while also finding your sense of purpose and fulfillment within your professional career.


    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround time can vary from 72 hours to over several weeks depending on the services you request. Resume and CV packages are usually 72 hours. Whereas, Resume and Application packages take a bit longer because of the number of services that are included. During initial consultations, a timeline is identified and agreed upon to ensure client satisfaction. For more information, please email paula@rogers-resumes.com.

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Basic and Professional Resume services include 1 page. Additional pages are $5 each. Executive Resume services include 2 pages. Additional pages are $10.